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TAHITI 1965, CUBA 1967 (Results) CMAS World Titles

RON TAYLOR Press conference Sydney International Airport

Andris Lidums had a very successful international art gallery in Adelaide which is today operated by his son Andris Lidums Jr.

From 1960 Andris and his Latvian-Australian spearfishing mates "fished the Yorke Peninsula area despite that region being hazardous with whaler sharks", said friend Brian Rodger in 2016 (a spearfishing champion himself).

Above tabloid report explains in simple terms how Andris Lidums was technically able to choose blue colored sports jackets for the team - (as opposed to green and gold sport colors later made official by the Governor-General in 1984).

Peter Kemp in December 1963
 Vic Ley in 1963
Ron in 1965 - Montague Island  NSW
World Champion trophy is in bronze, depicting a famous sculpture "Winged Victory".  Ron Taylor AM in 2005 with the original spear gun he used for decades.  Ron defended his world title in Cuba - reached 22nd place, behind companions Black and Ley who were 20th and 17th.

Moorea TAHITI 1st to 7th Sep. 1965

TEAM Wal Gibbins, Peter Kemp and Ron Taylor
TEAM MANAGER Andris Lidums
      RESULTS     Ron Taylor         1st
Peter Kemp 8th
Australian Team 2nd

Caya Avalos CUBA 3rd to 10th Sep 1967
TEAM John Black, Vic ley and Ron Taylor
TEAM MANAGER         Andris Lidums

RESULTS: Vic Ley 17th
John Black 20th
Ron Taylor 22nd
 Australian Team  6th

John Black at Mallacoota Victoria, a pro abalone diver (pictured in 1995) reached 20th place in Cuba.

Ron Taylor in Tahiti 1965

Sunday Telegraph

Three selected for Tahiti in 1965

Wally Gibbins - went to Tahiti in '65
Peter Kemp - Tahiti 1965

Vic Ley shared the Australian title jointly with John Black.  Vic Ley did best of the three Australians competing in Cuba reaching 17th place.  French-Tahitian Jean Tapu top scored in Cuba.

Vic 'Snowy' Ley (above and below) - participated with Ron Taylor at Cuba in '67

The world federation for diving, based in Europe.

John Black in 1965 .  Vic Ley in centre background - also selected for Cuba 1967.

Cuba 1967 PART ONE - Ron Taylor Productions   15 minutes

CUBA PART TWO  (2 minutes)

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