Saturday, 30 January 2016

NEWSREELS by Ron Taylor (12 mins).

Ben and Ron's 1961 search for a shark defense tested poison-tipped spear injections.
as featured in "The Shark Hunters" TV special  (video not available here).
Kay with Val's pet crayfish
Ron Taylor designed and built his movie camera housings for years.
  "Ben riding any sharks lately"

 Mrs Rodney Fox in 1964

Taylor and Fox at Aldinga Reef, South Australia

Ron Taylor's 16mm film material was expanded into a 30-minute documentary for TV and before this roadshow film shows. In the 1960s the media perception and 'handling' of shark bite news was dramatised to the extreme. "One of the most horrible ways to die that could ever be imagined".

TV producer Robert Raymond spotted the potential, paid one thousand pounds - or about $20,000 today and added Taylor's footage into a new one hour PROJECT '66 special (which was then the highest-rating weekly Australian documentary show on NINE).  SHARK! won a Logie for Robert Raymond and the Taylor's were his new best friends (for life).

 Revenge of a Shark Victim (movie program pages)

Barb-less spear (killer spear) pulled free easily if required.

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