Sunday, 31 January 2016

USFA Meetings memoir

A memory. Railway House (Sydney)- hired for USFA general meetings and film shows in 1960s. Admission was five bob (about $5 today) and included the best hot milk coffee - which was worth the price of admission by itself. RON TAYLOR screened his 16mm black and white work print of "The Shark Hunters" some weeks before it was shown on Sydney's Channel 9 (and repeated a week later). Movie popularity was helped by the Grey nurse sharks being regarded - in that era - being equal to White pointers (of the 1970s). 

BEN CROPP was the celebrity - a buzz went through the auditorium (about 250-350 in attendance). Ben had been to Europe, competed in a world championship (Spain?) and taught a bit of diving. This was 1961. Few people got out of Australia then - those who did stayed away for a while, usually traveling by boat to the UK. Airline travel was for aspiring millionaires. All the young guys were in awe of Ben.He's speared heaps of big fish around Tweed Heads and won an Australian championship. 

BTW Anyone know the whereabouts of Graham 'Tex' Moreton? Tex was a Steve McQueen look-a-like in The Dolphins (club) - Tex wound us up with his enthusiasm for adventure.

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