Sunday, 21 February 2016

THE HUNGRY SEA (Courtesy Ben Cropp AM)

Ben Cropp years before making The Hungry Sea, pictured in 1963

Part 1 of 4  

Wet suit has shark logo indicating the era 1963.  Diver could be Bela Csidei - a wealthy businessman, and later an author.

Classic pose - probably a re-enactment as both hands are best placed on the speargun butt.
Crown-of-Thorns starfish - diver using hookah attached to BEVA*.
Boat named after Ben and Eva Cropp, *wife #2)

Possibly the Montague Island whale shark (1964) which made Ben a fortune in both documentary film and still picture publication exposures.  At the time it was the first whale shark encounter filmed in color and the first in Australia.


The Hungry Sea (Part 2)

Not a Maori Cod - more like a Coral trout.  Part 2 shows the struggle to eat and survive.  A couple of fish are wrongly ID'd by the narrator - close enough to not matter.  Film then goes into the small world of the reef with life and death struggles.  Editing technique is typical of the 1960s (pre video/digital). Movie lights mostly produced a red color underwater in this era.

The Hungry Sea  (Part 3)

The Hungry Sea  (Part 4 - final)

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